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Commercial Roof Repair

As our customers throughout the Miami area will tell you, we can repair the structure of any commercial roof, whatever the size. From apartments, shopping malls, and high-rise buildings, to smaller retail stores and doctor’s offices, Top Seal’s expertise delivers quality roofing at an affordable price. Whether your existing roof needs some TLC or you’d like an estimate on new construction, we are happy to help! Contact one of our staff members today to schedule a free inspection. 

Our roofing company crew has seen every type of roof problem over the years, and we come to each job ready to solve the problem. If two decades in the roofing business has taught us anything, it’s that even the best roofing system will need repairs at some point. We keep our trucks well-stocked, so we can quickly assess the damage and complete the repair. Our goal is to have you back to business as usual as soon as possible.

Flat Roof

Top Seal is a Miami area expert in flat roof repair and replacement. We service flat, low-slope roofs on any size commercial building. Flat roofs are an affordable option with a sleek look, but only when installed by a licensed roofing professional. Our highly trained roofers will expertly service your flat roof for maximum performance. Contact us today for more information! and before you 

Roof Coating

For professional roof coating in the Miami area, call Top Seal today. We’ve been installing commercial roof coatings for over two decades. Roof coatings are a great way to help protect your roof from weather damage and general deterioration. Coatings are also an intelligent way to save money because they keep your building cooler! Call our friendly office staff today to schedule a roof inspection and learn more about our roof coating services.

If your roof is showing signs of age and you were considering a full replacement, you might consider restoration and enhancement with a roof coating. The benefits of applying a durable commercial roof coating are many, including the following:

  • Affordable and cost effective
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ease of application
  • Less maintenance required
  • Lower energy costs
  • Extends the lifespan of your roof
  • Reduces waste
  • Reduces need for repairs
  • Doesn’t interfere with your flow of business
  • Warranties available

Roofing Contractor

There is a wide selection of roofing companies to choose from here in the Miami area. Top Seal responds with a tireless commitment to quality. From the first phone call, until the job is finished, we will keep you informed of the process and we encourage you to ask any questions you have along the way. Our goal is to deliver the best in quality roofing services, at a great value.

Just like you take great pride in your business, we take great pride in the work we do for our customers. Our roofing company offers the following commercial roofing services:

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Storm damage repairs
  • Waterproofing

Single Ply Roofing

If you are looking for great protection for your commercial building, single ply roofing is a top choice. As a commercial roofing contractor in Miami and Central Florida, we install single ply roofing systems on all properties, We take great pride in helping our clients find the best roofing system for their structure. Single ply roofing is long-lasting and energy-efficient, making it ideal for flat and low-slope roofs on commercial buildings. Call us today for a free quote! 

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