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Residential Roof Repair

Before committing to a minor repair, remember to evaluate the structure of the roof in its entirety. It’s essential that you determine other potential problems before getting to work on the most immediate issue. Look in the attic for evidence of water or gaps. Look out for signs of deterioration, such as buckling shingles and damaged flashing, before those small roofing problems can become costly and urgent. Ultimately, the expense of a new roof may prove to be worth it if you can avoid costly ongoing repairs. Top Seal Services is happy to help advise you!

Roof Replacement

When it comes time for a roof replacement, look to Miami’s Top Seal Services. We match quality materials with highly skilled craftsmanship, making for an end result we know you’ll be pleased with. Having your roof replaced isn’t an overwhelming undertaking when you choose our experienced team of roofers. Whether you have a shingle roof, a tiled roof, or a metal roof, call Top Seal today for a free estimate!

Metal Roof

What’s nice about metal roofs is that they are remarkably durable, making them a popular choice for folks here in the Miami area. Done right, and maintained properly, metal roofs can last upwards of 50 years. Too often, however, roofers purchase materials from the manufacturer and then mark up the cost, passing that expense along to their customers. Top Seal charges far less for quality metal roofing services than others in the area. Call us today to find out if a metal roof would be a good fit for your property.

Tile Roof

With tile roofing, you get a combination of style, color, and longevity that’s hard to beat, which is undoubtedly why you see so many tile roofs throughout the Miami-Dade County area. Top Seal’s skilled roofers are experts in repairing and replacing tile roofs, not to mention inspection in the event of a major storm (it’s always better to be safe than sorry in those cases). 

Clay and concrete tiles come in an array of colors, styles, and textures, making for a truly custom look. Another great thing about tile roofs is that they are completely green because the tiles come from a natural source and are completely recyclable. Tile roofs also cost less long-term than shingle roofs because they don’t require as much maintenance and typically need fewer repairs. What’s more, they don’t need to be replaced as often!

The benefits of tile roofs are numerous. Below are just a few:

  • Eye-catching style and design options
  • Extremely weather resistant
  • Added home value
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Great color selection
  • Hassle-free performance
  • Extremely long lifespan
  • Water shedding ability
  • Withstand winds over 100 mph
  • Resistant to insect infestation
  • Rot resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Heat tolerant


Shingle Roof

Shingle roofs are at their best when they are installed with expert care. With decades of experience in the industry, our team of expert roofers will perform a complete roof inspection and make sure every issue is handled properly.

Here are some tell-tale signs that your shingle roof needs some attention:

  • Missing shingles
  • Curling or buckling shingles
  • Flashing damage
  • Roof is over 20-years-old
  • Dark streaks of algae
  • Moss growing on rooftop
  • Neighbors are replacing their roofs

 We offer free estimates on-site, so if you think your shingle roof might need some attention, give us a call and we’ll be happy to take a look. Putting off repairs won’t save you money in the long run because small leaks or problem areas can quickly turn into expensive problems. Ultimately, just remember, the condition of your roof has a huge impact on the value of your home. Top Seal can keep your shingle roof strong and secure.


Re-roofing, or roof restoration focuses on extending the life of your roofing system, with the potential for big savings. Top Seal is prepared to conduct a complete inspection to determine the overall health of your roof. Our team of roofing specialists will explain whether a repair is necessary or not. We can’t save every roof with a repair, but if we recommend re-roofing, we will provide a detailed written estimate after our inspection. If your roof deck is intact and there are no major structural issues, than re-roofing is the way to go. 

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